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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 19, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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into the food court. he is also accused of leaving several other explosive devices in a bag inside the mall. police say they have no known address for trail and don't know why he -- home video shows trail's arrest yesterday near the clarendon white house. you see he is put in handcuffs while appearing to be calm white sitting in a bench. it's similar demeanor that trail gave today before a judge. and a stark contrast on the alarm he caused shoppers. trail could get a minimum of
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five to a maximum of 20 years in jail. >> in the meantime the u.s. attorney's office says the suspect will be in the custody police. >> reporter: the jury has the case now after the prosecution said their entire case rested on that now infamous video tape. in fact, they went through it in front of the jury this afternoon frame by frame. but the defense argued that that tape does not show the perspective that the officers were seeing themselves on the ground. it was shot from above and they deserve the benefit of the doubt. the video showing unarmed
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student john mckenna taken down and beaten by batons on knocks road in college park is an independent witness that speaks for itself. joe rudy told the jury today. but officers for regal baker and harris says criminalizing veteran officers is wrong. heavens forbid seconds into a riot they get it wrong. sue them, sue the county but don't make him a criminal. outnumbered officers were trying to disperse students. the officers ground perspective of john mckenna in a goofy fist pumping dance was dramatically different from a video shot from above. for police it was charging, punching and shouting it was a
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threat. but the prosecutor says that the officers failed up to write the encounter as required because they knew they had done wrong. these defendants broke the law and ruddy said. this after revelation that the judge in this case used to be married with a police officer that was dismissed because of brutal force. as i said the jury is now deliberating. we're going to keep tabs on it and get back to you with a verdict once we have it. >> thank you, scott. some scary moments for kids on board a school bus this morning. investigators say the bus collided with a van at silver broke and fairfax county.
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several students ended up in the hospital but they are going to be okay. investigators now trying to find out how the accident happened in the first place. the nightmare has scaled back to just a typical headache of traveling on the beltway for thousands of maryland drivers. two crashes involving tractor trailers shut down all lanes of the inner loop. the back up they went on for hours as crews cleaned up that spilled fuel. let's take a look live outside. a little rainy to get started today but the sun kind of peaked out later on. era, oh no. an umbrella, what happened? >> reporter: most of the dc metro area is in the clear right now but we do have a couple small but kind of intense rain showers happening right now. we'll show them to you on our satellite and radar loop. you can see that some of the areas that are trying to t home from work in virginia and
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also in montgomery county and maryland, areas such as bethesda seeing some of that rain and of course here in northwest d. c. so we will continue to track these showers. they are moving to the north and east at about 25 to 30 miles per hour. soy that will be out of here pretty shortly. right now it is 75 degrees at the airport. no rain actually happening at the airport at the moment. coming up in just a little bit. i'll tell you about our weekend which does have improvement. i don't think you're going to need the umbrella as we head into the weekend, back to you. >> that's nice to hear, era. thank you. an abduction and assault has some women in prince william county on edge tonight. this happened around 10:00 p.m. as three women were walking along near the intersection of mocking bird. detectives were out combing the area this afternoon. the crook pulled out a gun, tried to rob the women. he then pulled her away from the others and attacked her. the suspect started running
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once he saw police on the way. during the attack he was wearing a large dark colored hooded sweatshirt and dark colored hooded baggy jeans. call police if you have any information about him. we showed you this disturbing video online. a man setting up his secret surveillance camera inside a condo shaped by two women. that camera recorded the ladies every move and howard county police say they've now arrested the man responsible for this. the name michael steven mckenney. the 32-year-old is hosting a whole host of charging including burglary and video taping without consent. a second man has now been linked to a plot to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york. the new york times reports the young man is under arrest in san diego on child pornography
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charges. the suspect, howard billy -- is now charged. a senior security official killed in a car bomb attack in beirut, lebanon it happened today. the head of lebanon national police intelligence unit was among eight who died in the attack. in all about 80 people were wounded. well police now think they know what caused that crash to kill the prince george's county police officer on his way home yesterday. this is the second death in two months, the third in two years. bruce declan is live. >> reporter: the message is wear your seat belts. as you said this is the third unbuckled prince george's police officer to died in the last two years. but this this case police
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believe that a 61-year-old woman who swerved across three lanes caused the crash and it would not have saved the officers life if he had been buckled in. the wreckage was horrifying. the cruiser cut nearly in half by a utility pole. he was on his way home, hoping to see his son, maybe his daughter. police say that the 61-year-old woman was stopped here, left turn lane. left arrow, it's red. officer bowden going straight. he has a green light. the woman suddenly for reasons unknown decides she has to go from the left lane to the right lane, make a right. she clips the officer here, he goes off the road smashes right into that utility poll. >> the actions of the driver of the suv involved in the crash
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caused the collision. >> reporter: investigators believe bowden was speeding and he was not wearing his seat belt. neither was officer adrian morris. ejected from his vehicle following a chase in august. nor was corporal thomas jensen who skidded on ice and into a pole in march of 2010. >> we can't take those risks anymore. weust can't. we have to wear our seat belt. >> reporter: it is required by law, it is in the general orders, but many officers remain convinced that buckling up slows them down when they are pursuing bad guys. lots of citizens say that has to change. >> they just need to be vigilant. because this can't happen again. it really can't. >> reporter: police at this point decline to release the name of the 61-year-old woman who was in that suv. she is still in the hospital but she is expected to be okay. police are planning to forward
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their results of their investigation to the accident here to the state's attorney then it's going to be up to her to decide whether to charge the woman. derek. >> all right, thank you. still to come on 9 news, major new developments in the martin trayvon case. we speak with cbs news's top political director about what to expect on monday it is the final debate. right after the break, why petco says no need to worry next time there's severe weather.
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petco workers and managers breathing a sigh of relief. both sides have now ratified a new four year contract. the union says there's also more favorable contract
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language when it comes to their health care benefits. pepco management has no comment at this time. out on the campaign trail, president obama making his 16th trip to virginia. there he spoke with supporters out of george mason university. both candidates have been courting female undecided. >> i think it's called romnish. if you say you're for equal pay and equal work, but you fail to say if you will sign a bill to protect equal pay and equal work, you might have romnish. here you go, barack obama, is
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the cure for amnesia. >> paul ryan will attend a rally in daytona beach with country music star john rich. that event gets going at 8:00 p.m. joining us now with more, political director john dickerson. john thanks for being here. let's start out talking about the monday debate. it's going to be all about foreign policy. i think we can count on mitt romney coming back to libya. >> reporter: he has no choice. libya will come up. the convention didn't go so well for him in the last debate as he tried to pin the president down. the changing stories from the administration. there will be a lot of talk about libya but then of course iran and china. you know there's a series of global hot spots. bob shaffer will take them across the poll. >> we seemed to think that president obama's last debate did help him a bit more.
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does he have to do more this debate to help his stride. >> polls thought obama won by 38%. he came back i think in his third debate the president does have to do you know maintain what he was able to do in the second debate. and mitt romney has to be able to sort of sustain. it'll be interesting since most people are paying attention to the economy whether on this debate it's there's an exchange that will punch through and that's a challenge for both of these candidates we'll just have to see. >> mitt romney has remained ahead in fact, it says he has 52% of the popular vote. but if you look at swing states it looks like the president is ahead with the popular vote.
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how can we believe either of those are true. >> it tells us the direction that the race is going in but we shouldn't get too hung up on the number. so the direction of that gallup poll show that is the election is going well for romney. how well we're not sure. in the battleground states much tighter for both candidates. you take the average, no one is ahead by more than two or three points. mitt romney is up in a couple and the president is up in the rest of those battleground states. the difference between the two polls is basically two different worlds. the battleground state has seen lots of candidate visits. the gallup poll shows a lot of states that don't see the candidates. some dc residents just
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managed to beat the deadline today to register to vote. they lined up to register to vote in person. today was the deadline to do that. a florida judge says george zimmerman's attorney says attorneys can take a look trayvon martin's court records. martin was suspended from school at the time of the shooting. just hours before the hearing, martin's parents blasted the defense for trying to make it seem as though his son were the perpetrator. >> trayvon was the victim. i think it's wrong that we attack the victim. and i just feel that as human beings that our first priority shouldn't be to assassinate the character of the victim. >> at the time of martin's
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death he was served a 10 day suspension for school after having a bag that had traces of marijuana in it. hanks apologized, he was on good morning america. they asked him to speak in his new character and he said it's mostly curse words. and they said it's okay go ahead. so he went ahead and the f word was said. they immediately apologized but there was no delay. it's 72 degrees at reagan national. no rain happening at the
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airport at the moment. the dewpoint 59, and the winds are out of the south at 11 miles per hour. those winds are going to continue to push the showers that we have out there to the north and east. so they won't be around for much longer. here's a look at our weather headlines. as we head into the weekend it looks great. we're going to see lots of sunshine, lowering humidity and it will be cooler. we will have a really fall like weekend and then as we head into the workweek. that's when the warmer conditions will return. right now it is 64 degrees in hagerstown. it's still in the 70s in leesburg and fredrick. 73 at both andrews air force base and annapolis. you can see here on satellite and radar that little pocket of showers is just that one isolated area that has those showers that erupted right in time for the afternoon rush. not good timing here. but we are going to start to clear things out as we head into the evening hours and on futurecast, we look good. all right so we're going to push those showers out of the
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way. as we head into the overnight hours just a few clouds out there mixing in with your view of the stars. and saturday looks good. we're going to see more sunshine returning i think we will have a few clouds bubbling up in the afternoon. because of that pocket of energy you might have seen it there as we were headed to the west. and that will start to make its way toward us as we head into the overnight hours and as we head into saturday. overnight tonight partly to mostly cloudy. 53 downtown, those winds out of the west southwest at five to 10 miles per hour. here's a look at your zones on saturday. 65 in haguerstown. and along the beltway we're looking at temperatures climbing into the upper 60s. 68 at andrews air force base. 67degrees in annapolis, for the turks, looks like great weather for that evening game they're taking on the wolf pack.
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i think just about everyone stays dry all day long. just a sprinkle. everyone in college park if you do get a little sprinkle it's be short lived. over the next three days code green. just a slight chance for a sprinkle tomorrow then beautiful pleasant weather moves in and we'll be up into the 70s as we head into monday. this forecast does not look very october like. 72degrees on tuesday, and by friday temperatures close to 80 degrees very unusual for this time of year. we should only be in the upper 60s. it could trigger a shower or storm on friday though everyone that doesn't look very likely. so we're going to keep it warm and dry once we get past that shower that's out there right now. >> great stuff. >> we're rolling into next weekend with the same thing we'll be happy. >> i'll try my best.
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i'll keep my fingers crossed. some disgusting details in this week's food alert. >> horrifying momenting from inside a convenience store. i don't know what's going on exactly there but we'll tell you about it.
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caught on tape a chilling scene inside a convenience store. take a look at this surveillance video. this comes from portland maine. this is a clerk and the masked gunman is chasing her. the crook is still out there tonight what we don't know what his exact intentions were in this attack. justin timberlake and jessica biel have tied the knot. yeah the hollywood couple got married in southern italy. in fact, they have been in italy all week long partying with their friends and guests all week. it's not clear what day they tied the knot. and a restaurant with a history of violations. >> plus the first flu cases are hitting the area. one child ended up in the
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hospital. we'll have the details in tonight's health alert. a young girl attacked by the taliban and lives to tell the tale. her amazing story of recovery coming up.
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a courageous outspoken teenager miraculously survives a taliban attack. there she is that pakistani girl and she says she knows
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what happened to her. as reporter charlie daggeta explains, she wants to thank everyone who has helped her. >> reporter: doctors say the 15- year-old is out of a coma and on her feet. >> she's doing very well in fact, she was standing with some help the first time this morning. >> reporter: doctors say she remembers being on her school bus in pakistan then waking up in a hospital in a foreign country. >> one of the first things she wanted to know is which country she was in. >> reporter: doctors say she has some damage to her brain and her injuries suggest she was shot from above at gunpoint range. it'll be a couple of weeks before they start rebuilding her skull.
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first they have to deal with the infection of the bullet that came within inches of killing her. a group of pakistani women lit candles to support women's rights. >> those like malala live in fear every single day. afraid of the taliban. >> reporter: taliban fighters say they tried to murder malala because she spoke out against them. the young activist won awards for her bravery as she defied her stand on education for girls. doctors say she knows about the worldwide attention she's getting and is grateful for all the support. charlie daggeter, birmingham england. >> malala is in england without her family right now. hospital officials say they are in contact with her parents but they did stay in pakistan for now. caught on camera, gross could make you sick and it was inside a northwest restaurant featured in tonight's food alert. >> tonight we're in maryland,
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dc and down in eighth street. if you live there especially at one particular place with a very well known name you will want to listen up. a history and violation and health danger closures and it's all at just one address. >> reporter: usually when i'm holding a stack like this it includes every restaurant's violations. but all of these are from one restaurant with a famous name and problems with their famous buns. >> reporter: inspectors say when they walked into this mcdonalds on eighth street northeast, mcdonalds was operating with a sewage back up inside and the chicken wasn't held hot enough to serve. >> surprised, i'm shocked. >> reporter: this wasn't the first time. inspectors shut down the same mcdonalds last year sighting mice, unclean conditions and operating with no hot water. >> but i don't want -- man i
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have to go. man. >> reporter: you're not going to order? >> reporter: in 2011 inspectors sited the same mcdonalds for roaches, dirty soda nozzles, and wait until you hear where they stored the buns. this report shows that mcdonalds buns were stored in the restroom. >> i'm not coming back. >> reporter: here in landover an unusual closure inside that warehouse. fish was not labeled as to what type of fish or where it came from and seizing thousands of bottles of spices. they're back in business but not answering questions. >> we want to talk to you about the health department.
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we want to talk to you about the health department inspection. inspectors sited unapproved repackaging, relabeling and processing. in columbia heights inspectors closed johnny's carry out siting gross unsanitary issues including a severe roach infestation throughout. >> i'm looking for the store manager. >> reporter: they would not allow us to see inside their kitchen. but at zizi pizza and kabob. >> can we look in your kitchen and see if it's cleaned up? >> sure. >> take a look at this. >> reporter: inspectors say when they were here, two live rats jumped out of the trash and look what we found. >> you know what that is? that's pretty big. that looks like a rat to me. >> reporter: inspectors also sited other violations. >> you had no hand towels at
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the machine. >> reporter: the owner tells us he is making improvements and workers can use another sink that does use towels and he showed us a contract with a rat exterminator he says is coming several times a week. >> we're trying our best. >> reporter: you understand when i find rat feces here and a sink with no towels it does not look very good. so you're telling me that you're going to make it better. >> absolutely. >> i'm getting this guy some sanitary gloves. in tonight's consumer alert, the dow dropped 102 points about 1-1/2% of their
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value. >> you long term investors know that's nowhere near the damage done on october 19, 1987 that is when the dow industrial nose dived 23%. it's the worse one day stock crash in history. >> americans bought fewer previously owned homes in september. a trade group says sales dipped 1.7 after hitting a two year high in august. the housing market is slowly and steadily getting better. still ahead on nine news, the first case of flu hitting our area. why health officials are reminding parents get your kids vaccinated you could keep them out of the hospital. erica. >> we still have rain out here on the terrace, but a couple of thunderstorms developing throughout the metro d.c. area. we'll tell you when it will all clean upcoming up. stay with us. map
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in tonight's health alert, the flu is here. right now there are four confirmed cases in maryland all kids and one of them had to be hospitalized. they are all okay now but it is a reminder of how serious the flu can be. state health experts say the virus is hitting earlier this year than last and parents
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around the country are being reminded get your kids vaccinated it could be a life save measure. >> reporter: armameto is getting the flu vaccine. >> so he doesn't get sick because when he gets sick, he gets asthma triggers. >> reporter: the flu vaccine is also critical for children who do not have asthma triggers. >> about half the kids who die of the flu have no underlying problems, and can die five days of contracting the virus. >> reporter: flu complications have killed 800 children over the past eight years. kids under five are most vulnerable. a second study out of children's hospital in l.a. shows schools that officer vaccinations have higher rates of attendance and lower rates of the flu. unvaccinated kids also got some
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protection. >> kids spread the virus up to two days before they show any symptoms of the flu and up to 10 days after. there's a very long period where they're contagious and people may not realize it. >> reporter: williams understanding the importance of this shot. >> i could stay healthy and nothing will happen. >> reporter: doctors remind parents the ouchless ouchless nasal spray vaccine is also an option. >> especially important for people at high risk of complications. you're going to be surprised how broad that group is. children six months to 18 years old, people 50 and older, pregnant women, anybody with a chronical medical condition and a weakened immune system for disease. >> over 50, huh. there you go. he's a threat on the field and also in the classroom. find out how the high school athlete is getting attention but it's more than for just big
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hits. he's an unsung hero, receiving one of the highest awards from the u.s. navy seals and he's only 13 years old. i'll show you how you can take part in his operation hawk eye. map
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a follow up tonight on a fairfax county middle school student. the 13-year-old getting one of the most prestigious awards from the navy seals legacy foundation. he's being called a patriot for his commitment and his sacrifice for others. >> reporter: it's called operation hawk eye a reference to 13-year-old will thomas' skill at the hoop. but also to a dog named hawk eye who stayed by the casket of his master he was one of 31 men special operations forces who died when their helicopter was shot down in afghanistan last year. >> we were talking about how something should be done to prove that people did care. >> reporter: will and his dad asked everyone they knew for a pledge of basket. he raised $50,000 for the
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family's of those fallen heros. >> to whatever any family may need, whether it be something to commemorate them or money for school for the children. >> reporter: this past labor day children he raised another $30,000 for the families of the fallen men. 21-year-old spencer duncan was one of them. his father dale has been following will's project. >> it's so heartening to know that the americans, this young american stood up and said i'm going to do something. i'm going to be a person who steps up and says i want to honor these men. >> reporter: now the seal legacy foundation will thank will thomas by honoring him with a prestigious unsung hero award. the seal legacy foundation is also honoring businessmen teeboon pickens for his millions of dollars in philanthropy and contributions
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to the armed forces. >> what we want to do is highlight that story because there are lots of wills out there. >> reporter: and will doesn't plan to stop now. >> the first year was just shocked, this year it turned into three pointers. wherever it goes next we'll see. >> reporter: in mcclaine peggy fox. >> the kid has game in more ways than one. will will get his award in dallas. the timing of showers could not be worse for the afternoon rush hour. you can see those showers and thunderstorms that are moving on through the heaviest of the activity in the district at this very moment.
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now these are moving to the northeast at 40 miles per hour. if you're getting the rain right now you won't have rain anymore in about a half hour. but these intense downpours could also contain some pea to penny sized hail. there's a special marine warning in effect right now. right now it is raining pretty hard at the white house. the winds have become westerly at 15 miles per hour. here's a look at the weather headlines as we head into the weekend things will get much much better. a great weekend on tap. maybe just a sprinkle on saturday but for the most part we're just going to look at cooler and less humid conditions. the sunshine returning. and it will be a fall like sunday. but as we head into the workweek, next time around it's going to feel a little bit more like summer even though we're heading toward halloween. right now @ 67 degrees in martinsburg. 72 downtown and 74 in baltimore.
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the showers are heading your way next. and you can see them here on our satellite and radar loop. a very, very small disturbance causing those showers up into eastern pennsylvania. there is some lingering activity behind this. this is all going to stay to the north and west and you can see that here in north futurecast. beautiful conditions on your saturday. just lots of sunshine it will get cooler and less humid as we head into saturday as well. partly to mostly cloudy overnight tonight. dipping down to 44 degrees in the outlying suburbs and 53 downtown. saturday morning will be partly cloudy and pleasant with temperatures in the 50s and i can't rule out a sprinkle tomorrow afternoon. so i think that just about all of us will be completely try on your saturday with highs between 63 and 67 degrees. over the next three days we're going to see lots of sunshine, especially on sunday and monday. beautiful code green conditions here. 67 on sunday. pretty much where we should be this time of year. but on monday, we're going to
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get up to 74 degrees and that's a precursor of things to come because these temperatures are going to head into the 70s and nearly 80 degrees as we get to the middle of the workweek. we keep it dry until friday is the next chance we get for some rain. right now that rain is not good for the rush hour so we probably have slow driving conditions out there right now. >> everybody just take it easy. college football teams around the country are competing for the best talent. small schools, big ones, private institutions but there are some subtle differences. >> we report on a young man that has scouters attention. and today we report. >> he came flying up and dislodged the ball probably one of the best hits in the dc area
5:50 pm
this year. >> pat solento loves talking about the big plays. >> it's only a certain amount of years so you have to fall back on your education that's the most important aspect of it. >> right now my top schools are harvard, columbia and penn. but i have other major league schools. >> reporter: those same schools are very interested in dire. >> they all say they like me. >> reporter: so what's the difference? >> ivy league schools they see my grades and say wow. that's the first thing they look at. but for the d1 schools they look at my size, they want to
5:51 pm
see crazy 40 numbers and things like that. >> reporter: dire is not just a good football player he's a 3.8gpa while very involved in school related and community involvement. >> my dream is to be an engineer at the age of 25. hopefully get enough money so i can get into politics and hopefully become president. >> reporter: one of them could be d1 to help him reach his lofty goal. for nine sports i'm diane roberts. >> three ivy leaguers. we should know. those are the three. his favorite place is columbia. we should know that dire happens to be the son of colene
5:52 pm
lions who happens to be the mother of dire. last week two lucky winners became the proud owners of a new pair of rgiii jerseys. all you have to do is like our page and tell us why you deserve one of these things right here. we'll announce the winner saturday night on game on at 7:00 p.m. right here on wusa9. still ahead tonight, metro alters bus routes all the time but the reason behind one suggested change, that may surprise you. >> on the campus of george mason university where the president has made his 16th strip to virginia this year. details coming up. >> but first, three of our colleagues know the trials of dealing with diabetes all too well, their personal stories and how they plan to help find a cure that's next.
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another health alert, this is about the disease that's about to face half the u.s. population in the next year. nearly 28 million americans already live with diabetes. this weekend our own will be mcs. they sit down and talk about being daddy's girls are such a
5:56 pm
special mission to them. >> it's about being family. >> absolutely. your dad, your dad, my mom. >> my father died of diabetes, his father died of diabetes and died because he could not walk. he was basically handicapped which meant he could not work anymore so he went bankrupt. he went blind from the vascular problems. he regained his eyesight through eye surgery. but again it was a lot of lost contact with the outside world. his kidneys started failing. it just was one complication after the next. last year about this time he
5:57 pm
had his leg amputated and he did not have good blood circulation and he ended up dying. but with that, we have some good news because your dad is controlling his diabetes. >> my father with age i think he's realized that he has a lot to live for and last year he joined a gym. >> with my mother, her doctor told her you have it and told her where to go get the measure sticks and the appliances to test her diabetes and was never told by the doctor how to
5:58 pm
manage her diabetes. it was not until 2003 that her physical therapist told her you need to get a lot more information. she went to a workshop and learned about what it meant to manage diabetes to live with diabetes. >> what's so remarkable about your mother's story is she was diagnosed later in life and she has done a valiant effort to control it by making all these massive lifestyle changes. >> right, right. not only the massive lifestyle change of coming here after the trauma of katrina even the loss of my father before that. and being on her own because they were like frick and frack, fred and ethel but in a good way. she has lost 50 pounds and manages it. >> what is interesting to me about your father is your father is a doctor. and it shows how difficult
5:59 pm
diabetes is to manage. >> i said dad what triggered this how did you know? did you go for a regular check up and he said no i was chronically thirsty. >> and my mother had none of those symptoms. >> and i get thirsty a lot so i was like, do i need to get tested but that's how he knew something was wrong. >> you can have control of having this disease coming your way or get off the medication. especially for people with type two if it's weight related. it's in our power. >> it is. >> the step out walk to stop diabetes is tomorrow. it's at national harbor. registration check in opens at 8:00 a.m. the walk starts at 10:00, we have more information for you on >> this is nine news now. >> three deadly accidents, three police officers, not wearing their seat


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